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Product line

  • Liquefied hydrocarbon gas (propane, technical propane-butane, automobile propane-butane)
  • Stable gas condensate
  • Broad fraction of light hydrocarbons (NGL)
  • Natural gas in the form of LNG
  • Marine fuel component (fuel oil)
  • Motor fuel (gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene)
  • Packaged oils, lubricants and technical liquids

Company KS-OIL

Operating in the oil products market since 2014, KS-OIL LLC is a comprehensive supplier of petroleum products: a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas in the form of LNG, motor and transmission oils for trucks and cars, lubricants for open pit, construction, road and agricultural machinery, as well as industrial and industrial oils, greases and special fluids for all sectors of the economy.


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